Friday, June 16, 2017

So what have you learned from this lesson today? I hope it was that we all need a sort of grafting consistency with an inner will that just won't give up or stop no matter what. You may hit a few bumps here and there on the road but remember that these are simply temporary set backs and will NOT hinder your overall progress in your journey unless YOU let them: Last examples for the day see below:
Well what we have realized is those that are succeeding faster are simply not slowing down their marketing efforts for anyone but at the same time they are not going too fast. Those that are beating you in the search engines simply seem to have more consistency than the rest and are able to stick to their tasks day in and day out - week in and week out.
We need to come together and take a look at something today. It seems that local marketers are getting the job done faster than every. How, you might ask? Funny you should ask, here at our company we have been analyzing just that. First take a look at the sites below and tell me what you see.

Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Ok so this will be my last post for the day and I want to make sure that everyone took away one major thing today. You absolutely must focus your time as well as your resources in the right direction if you ever want to win at this game. You need to regard your online marketing efforts as a chess game.
I would like to tell you all something right now. You do NOT, I repeat you absolutely do not need a huge budget to get results in this game that we are in. You simply need to focus the right amount of resources on the right things. This is where practice comes into play along with what becomes experience.
All I have to say right now is wow. Simply wow. I understand fully the benefits of a well rounded marketing campaign and I thought up until now that I was using many different weapons in my marketing arsenal. Well, let me tell you all that today my eyes have been opened up. Take a look here:
This company appears to be making full use of social and multimedia. If you look within the links on this post what it appears this company has done is extract the mp3 from their companies youtube video and used that to build out their profiles on their social media audio sites. Check below